Sometimes Italian migrants face particular difficulties concerning settling down and accessing to social benefits in other countries. In fact, the law allowing free movement of people inside the EU is not always easily understandable, and some of the member states impose complex administrative procedures. Other obstacles that could make the permanence abroad difficult are related to the different social security rules and to the complex cooperation among national institutions.

The Patronato ACLI’s mission is to protect the rights of Italian citizens living abroad, providing assistance and information.

The ACLI European network

The Patronato ACLI has several offices in 6 different member States of the EU (France, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands), in the United Kingdom and in 3 non-EU member States, that are Albania, Moldavia and Switzerland.

You can find on the map the nearest office in Europe clicking here or visit websites and Facebook pages of each European office.








United Kingdom









Live Europe

Live Europe is a consulting and orientation service providing information to everybody who wants to know more about the European Union and its opportunities. In fact, all European citizens have the right of free movement inside the EU and are subject to some obligations depending on their status (worker, student, etc).

In this context, the Patronato ACLI is a valid support for every European citizen, helping him to access to all benefits and opportunities offered by the EU.

Visit the portal Live Europe


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