The Patronato ACLI

The Patronato ACLI acts in different non-European countries, namely Canada, United States of America, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Morocco, South Africa and Australia.

Its presence in these areas is related to the large Italian migratory movements that took place during the XIX and the XX Centuries. The first ones, towards the American continent, occurred between the second half of the XIX Century and the first decades of the XX Century, while more recent ones, towards the central European states, started from the fifties on. These migratory flows originated because of the difficult economic circumstances in which Italy was facing and the desire of ransom of entire population layers. Later, during the XX Century, the Italian population started to emigrate towards growing European states (like France and Germany) trying to improve their social status and secure a better future for them and their children once they would get back to Italy.  Nowadays, a lot of Italian people keep on moving abroad, yet in a very different way, driven by the economic crisis of recent years but also attracted to better life conditions and wider work opportunities offered by either other European countries or the overseas ones (Australia, Canada, USA).  

For all these compatriots who, through the past and the present, form the real community of the Italians abroad, Patronato Acli in the world stays available with an unchanged devotion.

You can find on the map the nearest office in the world clicking here or visit websites and Facebook pages of each office in the world.


United States of America















The FAI (International ACLI Federation) is an international association gathering the whole ACLI system in Europe and in the world.

Instituted in 1996, the FAI works for international partnerships to promote supportive initiatives in the following fields: social policies, employment, democratic participation and citizenship rights. The FAI promotes ACLI associations’ growth, providing services to non-profit organizations that want to start acting at international level. Finally, the Federation is also active in the following fields: fundraising for European and international institutions, building of documentary research centres and widespread of dossiers, by means of multilingual publications.

Visit the FAI website

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